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Firenze - Santa Maria del Fiore
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Firenze - Santa Maria del Fiore - Duomo
The Canada Guesthouse welcomes its guests in the heart of Florence, in the pedestrian district of San Lorenzo.


San Lorenzo was a deacon and martyr in Rome in 258 AD under Emperor Valerian.
Let's do a dip back into history of two thousand years: we are at the origins of the city . This was indeed the northern boundary of the walls that enclosed the Roman "castrum" founded in 59 BC by veterans of the legions of Caesar.
A thousand years before the Baptistery was built, the "Praetorian Door" or "Door against Aquilonem” (winds); stood there. Behind the Baptistery, under tha current Palace of the Archibishop, lies one of the four thermal baths of the city (discovered during excavations in 1895).

The famous Basilica of San Lorenzo, consecrated by San Ambrogio in 393, is the oldest church in Florence.

The present building, dated from 1423 , was designed and built by Brunelleschi and contains the tombs of Medici family. To the left of the church there is the Laurentian Library, designed by Michelangelo always at the behest of the Medici family, who wanted a safe place to store their precious collections of books and manuscripts.

In the heart of San Lorenzo you'll find glass and steel dating back to 19th century.

A huge, bustling and colourful market forms around the Church of San Lorenzo continuing all the way to Via dell'Ariento you'll find clothes,leather goods and an array. It is closed Sunday and Monday morning.
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